Brow Lamination and Permanent Makeup: Harmony or Hurdles?

Brow Lamination and Permanent Makeup: Harmony or Hurdles?

Once upon a time, a curious client stepped into our studio, hesitating about whether brow lamination could coexist with their existing microblading or permanent makeup. The uncertainty lingered in the air, but our response was a confident affirmation – indeed, it was a match made in beauty heaven.

Picture this: a canvas already adorned with the artistry of permanent makeup. The colors intricately blended into the skin, creating a unique palette. As the client embarked on the journey of brow lamination, the magic unfolded. The existing pigment seamlessly intertwined with the lamination process, resulting in a breathtaking harmony of colors. It was a symphony of artistry, elevating the client’s natural beauty to new heights.

During the procedure, our skilled artist worked with the client’s natural hair, sculpting and setting it for a fuller and more defined look. From cleansing to lifting, setting, and nourishing, each step was a personalized touch aimed at enhancing the individual beauty of our client.

Up close image of womanUp close image of woman


However, in the tapestry of beauty, cautionary notes existed. Vibrant hues of permanent makeup, like reds, greens, or blues, posed a challenge for seamless cover-up during lamination. The solution? A gentle recommendation to embark on a removal journey first, ensuring a flawless canvas for the lamination masterpiece.

Then came the reshaping dilemma. A desire for a new brow shape, a longing for change – a common narrative. Yet, the existing permanent makeup design imposed its boundaries. The art of compromise and collaboration ensued, as our professional team navigated the delicate balance between transformation and preservation.


In the end, it wasn’t just about the procedures; it was about the personal journey each client undertook. A tale of self-expression, beauty evolution, and the quest for confidence. At our studio, it’s not merely a service; it’s a commitment to making our clients feel their absolute best. The story concluded with radiant smiles and brows that mirrored the true essence of beauty.

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