Meet our Lash Mama

Kristina Hryvniak is founder and owner of Lash Mama studio. She started her business being a broke single Ukrainian mother. She believed in this studio as something more than just a business for making money. This is her religion, her way to inspire other women, to share her experience, to support.

Kristina believes that every single woman was born beautiful and her studio is made just to show it to each of her gorgeous clients. She was so desperate and was lucky to find herself at lashindustry that it became her passion. Now she is sharing this with others.

The Best For You

Kristina is bringing all the best European beauty industry to her studio because she treats her clients as she would like to be treated. She makes every guest who walks through the door feel pampered and special.

"A Lot of salons and services around are tempting clients with low prices and fast services without using proper application methods or lash care," says Kristina "Applying long-lasting, natural looking lashes takes time and care to ensure there is no damage to the natural lash."

Our mission is to deliver premium lash services that are safe and luxurious. We commit to dedicated care of your natural lashes and superior quality.

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